Parker Development, Inc. (PDI) is a full service food, beverage and dietary supplements industry consulting firm. We work with products across the spectrum including retail, food-service and industrial products, entrees, center of the plate, snacks, baked goods, beverages and confections. PDI works with businesses of all sizes; whether you are a start-up or multi-national firm, PDI has the capabilities to support your project.

Research and development and technical work is completed in-house by our team of professionals at the Parker Development, Inc. laboratory and facility in Northern New Jersey. From concept to finished product, we have the expertise and equipment to complete the job.

Jack Parker - a 30+ year industry veteran - established Parker Development, Inc. in 1992 and currently serves as the company’s president. Jack Parker is a Certified Food Scientist through the Institute of Food Technologists, and has continued his education through FDA Better Process Control School, American Institute of Baking Food Plant Microbiology, HACCP Plan Development and a wide variety of technical, regulatory and quality seminars along with other continuing educational activities. He has been a speaker at technical conferences such as: The Institute of Food Technologists, Research Chefs Association and the National Association of College and University Food Service.